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"Eric Stefanik has captured the essence of cyber security risk - the real hazards of leaving your business exposed to the underbelly of society - hactivists, disgruntled employees, organized crime, even countries who don't have the United States' best interests at heart. Data - your client's data - has become the world's most valuable commodity, and Eric illustrates how that data is bought and sold on the dark web for hundreds of millions of dollars, sometimes many times over. These breaches have serious consequences as you've heard from other well-known companies cyber security failures. I'd recommend this entertaining and important book - what you don't know can hurt you, and there are ways for you to protect you and your company. Enjoy!"

Steve Conwell, CVB, MS Chief Executive Officer
Final Ascent LLC - "Building Better Exits"

Delivered Fast, Effective, Professional Service

Since contracting with Elliptic Systems, we have seen nothing but a fast, professional, and effective service with our many daily and ongoing challenges even with our complicated network systems.

Your service is so much better than any other IT company we have used before. The speed, effectiveness, and professional response to all calls and requests.

If you are not sure of what company you want for IT before making a choice take time to speak with the owner Eric. He is passionate about his company’s service and is a man that does not know how to fail.

Failure is not an option for Eric and his company. Call him today.

Christopher Johnson CEO & Curriculum Developer

"On Thin Ice" - Excellent, Frightening, Reality

Eric Stefanik has painted an excellent and frightening picture of the realities of cybercrime and the absolute need for cyber security protocols and protections in your business, and personally. As a former CISA and IT auditor with the Big 4 and Tier-1 consulting firms, I've seen firsthand the ravages that can take place as cybercriminals hack in, steal, sell and exploit personally identifiable information or PII across the Dark Web. Eric and his team illustrate the various ways hacks can occur, from phishing attacks to plain old detective strategies to exploit cyber defenses and access a wealth of valuable, confidential data. I'd recommend this book for anyone who runs a company and is concerned about the ever-present cyber risks and the global cyber-criminal landscape poised to exploit them. It's paramount that executives, business owners and entrepreneurs gain an understanding of the security risks that exist and the potential ways their companies, and themselves personally, can be compromised. Depending on the industry you're in, I cannot express how important this can be from a regulatory compliance perspective as well, and the cost per occurrence of data breaches (think HIPPA violations, theft of personally identifiable information, the selling of Intellectual Property and trade secrets, and more). I'm a fan of this book and recommend it.

Steve Conwell CEO & Owner, MS, PCVB
Final Ascent LLC - “Building Better Exits”