Delivered Fast, Effective, Professional Service

Since contracting with Elliptic Systems, we have seen nothing but a fast, professional, and effective service with our many daily and ongoing challenges even with our complicated network systems.

Your service is so much better than any other IT company we have used before. The speed, effectiveness, and professional response to all calls and requests.

If you are not sure of what company you want for IT before making a choice take time to speak with the owner Eric. He is passionate about his company’s service and is a man that does not know how to fail.

Failure is not an option for Eric and his company. Call him today.

Christopher Johnson CEO & Curriculum Developer

“ESCAPE” Managed Services, Problem Solved

Elliptic has been very reliable and our team knows that we can always depend on their ESCAPE Managed Services.

They have a very quick response and they will work tirelessly until to problem is fixed.

We can always count on Elliptic to provide reliable services.

Boris Gudaus Owner
B&L Interpreting Services

Secure Protection for 10 years and Counting

We have been a customer for over 10 years.  Our experiences with Elliptic have been timely responses.  We feel very secure with their remote services and the antivirus protection is outstanding.

Elliptic’s help desk is always a pleasure because their technicians answer questions and provide service we can understand.

We highly recommend Elliptic Systems services because they are consistently available and highly reliable.

Dr. Karen Rossman, PhD OP Program Director
Dominican Center: Spirituality for Mission

Safe and Secure Backup = Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is the single biggest benefit Elliptic Systems provides to our organization since outsourcing our IT Support to Elliptic Systems. We know our data and information is safe, backed up and secure. Our systems are running smoothly.

Elliptic Systems is they’re reliable, easy to reach, quick to respond, efficient, professional and they always have a solution.

We have tried numerous IT Support companies over the years and Elliptic Systems is, by far, our favorite.  They just do it!

Stacy Rice Lead Minister
CDM Spiritual Center

No Nickel and Diming, Flat Fees

Elliptic Systems understands our needs by sourcing the right hardware even in the event we have ‘defaulted’ to a specific make and model.

Elliptic Systems has worked with us for the past 14+ years using both a Global and Focused perspective to better future proof capital spending.

We have experienced that Elliptic Systems aligns with our company philosophically and doing a comparison of similar companies, their costs, the SLAs and additional services, we recommend them for IT Support.

Andrew Voorhies IT Manager
Northwest Kidney Centers

10+ Years, Highly Recommended

Elliptic Systems Services gives us peace of mind.  It feels good knowing that they are securing and protecting our systems.

We have used Elliptic Systems for the past 10 years and highly recommend their Services to anyone.

Matt Tyner Integrity Insurance and Financial

Focused, Responsive Tech Support

The biggest benefit Elliptic Systems gives our firm is the peace of mind and comfort knowing our computer issues will be resolved in a timely manner.  We no longer need to spend countless hours researching computer problems.  This has allowed us to focus on what we do best and not problem-solving computer issues.

I would strongly recommend Elliptic Systems Support Services.  Their technical support is very responsive and have solved all computer issues we have encountered.

Carl Colson Owner
Carl Colson Architect PLLC

No Geek-Speak Live Support Brought our System Back Online

We had our main, critical Application server down and Elliptic came prepared with Hardware in hand and with the understanding of our application.  They were able to help us talk with our I.T. support team in bringing the system back up and identifying errors.  If you have not given Elliptic a try, then you should.

Evelyn Mueller Operations
Whidbey General Hospital

On Budget and within Minutes I knew… Elliptic Was the Right Choice

When I first called Elliptic to discuss my project, I was concerned about the cost. I knew within minutes that I was definitely with the right company. Not only was the customer service above and beyond my expectations, but I was at ease to know the costs within my budget.

Sylvia Anderson IT Director
Flowserve Corporation

"On Thin Ice" a Book keeping you safe Online

The chapter is a great read. I've dabbled in Tor and looked around a bit and the potential is pretty scary. I agree that the Social Engineering part is probably the most effective and subtle way of hacking. Kevin Mitnick was able to exploit the helpful nature of people to get access to systems and paid for it the hard way. Even though he didn't steal anything of value he showed the potential for this type of manipulation.

Technology, like diseases are getting more widespread and dangerous every day and makes you stop and think about what the future holds. I recommend the book to those looking for more information on how to keep yourself safe in the online world.

Alan Duke IT Manager
Skagit Valley Hospital

Locally owned Business You Can Trust

I seriously cannot count the number of times Eric and his engineers have rescued our organizations mission critical systems with his timely response and thorough knowledge of the hardware and applications. Not only is he able to locate rare equipment and replacement components but always at competitive prices. This is exceptional for a locally owned business that you can trust to provide support on short notice.

Alan Duke IT Manager
Skagit Valley Hospital

"On Thin Ice" - Excellent, Frightening, Reality

Eric Stefanik has painted an excellent and frightening picture of the realities of cybercrime and the absolute need for cyber security protocols and protections in your business, and personally. As a former CISA and IT auditor with the Big 4 and Tier-1 consulting firms, I've seen firsthand the ravages that can take place as cybercriminals hack in, steal, sell and exploit personally identifiable information or PII across the Dark Web. Eric and his team illustrate the various ways hacks can occur, from phishing attacks to plain old detective strategies to exploit cyber defenses and access a wealth of valuable, confidential data. I'd recommend this book for anyone who runs a company and is concerned about the ever-present cyber risks and the global cyber-criminal landscape poised to exploit them. It's paramount that executives, business owners and entrepreneurs gain an understanding of the security risks that exist and the potential ways their companies, and themselves personally, can be compromised. Depending on the industry you're in, I cannot express how important this can be from a regulatory compliance perspective as well, and the cost per occurrence of data breaches (think HIPPA violations, theft of personally identifiable information, the selling of Intellectual Property and trade secrets, and more). I'm a fan of this book and recommend it.

Steve Conwell CEO & Owner, MS, PCVB
Final Ascent LLC - “Building Better Exits”

Customers Are First at Elliptic

Eric is very personable, easy to talk to, and accessible. He and his company have always put the needs of the client above "sales".  Highly recommended.

Keith Hughes Enterprise Systems Architect
Swedish Medical Center

"On Thin Ice" a Cybersecurity Action Plan

This book, this chapter, is a must read no matter who you are! Eric brilliantly describes the ins and outs of the Dark web. I have a few associates that are involved in the cybercriminal monitoring/fight. The stories I hear are mind boggling. Even after what I have heard, I have embarrassing almost been taken advantage of by cybercriminals personally, twice. They are devious, ingenious and lack any basis morals! There is no limit, no action that is off limits for cyber criminals. Don’t just read this book/chapter, take immediate action that Eric has suggested!

Chase Glidden Executive Financial Advisor
Edward Jones

Unsurpassed Support with Quick Response to I.T. needs

When our company moved into their new building, we had no real IT people, just people that thought they knew IT. We hired Elliptic Systems. Eric and his expert team came in very handy as they installed our new network, supplied us with new computers and provided unsurpassed support to our Operations in ways that other vendors could not. They are our Complete IT Department.

Elliptic Systems has exceptional prices, incredible customer service and quick, willing response to our needs and questions.

Tony Myhre President

Isolated the Problem with Informative Solutions

Our mail server crashed and Elliptic was able to isolate the problem and come up with solutions that were feasible. They are very knowledgeable and informative. They are dependable and available to work on our computers and I.T. systems without delay.

Lynn Coburn Operations Manager
Metco Management Group, LLC

Excellent Help Desk Support solving problems quickly

We were having issues with our e-mail and in conversations with Elliptic's Tech Support, they were able to identify the problem within a short time. Since then, we have not experienced any problems with email.  Highly recommended for I.T. Support.

Bob Everett VP of Operations
Parker Corporate Services Inc.

Incredible Knowledge, Experience and Consulting ‘The Best in Class’

Pricing products and services is my job description. When I met Eric, 17 years ago, it sounded too good to be true. I quickly realized this was real. The experience working with Elliptic Systems was indescribable in the fact that they reconfigured orders and saved us thousands on our budget. This was because of our IT Teams limited knowledge of products and services.

Elliptic Systems proved to be ‘The Best in Class’. They never were out to make a sell, but instead they were a partner looking out for us making costly decisions. They truly know the IT products and services better than Vendor I worked with.

Vickey Edwards Purchasing / Operations
Advanced Control Systems

Timely, Transactional, Complete, Impowering Customer Service

In my 18 years working for ACS, Eric at Elliptic Systems is the timeliest of all my Vendors. When others cannot follow through, Eric has always. I know we can depend on him in short notice when supply and demand is off keel. When I thought it was impossible to find equipment, Eric found a way to pull through.

We are primarily an HP shop. We gained more traction with HP regarding our large international purchases through Eric at Elliptic Systems. Their line of products and services are complete for our needs. I highly recommend Elliptic Systems to any organization. Their customer service provided the best solutions by offering suggestions on alternate products when applicable. Give them a try.

Ken Morgan Director, Projects and Planning
Advanced Control Systems

Consistent, FAST, Night and Day would Best describe our Experience

We had experiences with a few managed service providers over the years. The transition to Elliptic Systems was mostly based on ability to being consistent and their pricing. The best comparison of the differences between Elliptic Systems and all the others would be night and day. They are consistent with the same technical support team and customer service. They would show up telling us we had a problem. Their proactive approach is like no other. We highly recommend their services and support.

Barry Smith , Executive Director
Future of Flight Foundation, a Boeing Company

Best Prices on the Market, Never missing the Small Details

When I started GlobelMed Technologies, we were in desperate need for computers and services. As a new business starting up, we had to be very cautious with expenses. When it comes to time and details, Eric exhausted every ounce consulting with us to find the right products and then spend a lot on researching products that best suit our needs. He showed us products and services we never thought about, but ultimately needed. Elliptic Systems got us off on the right foot at the best prices undercutting our budget by thousands of dollars.

Sanders Ergas President & Founder
GlobalMed Technologies (GMT)

Personal Attention, On the Spot Fulfillment, Fast

We have many one-off requests. Out of all our Vendors, I have appreciation of the personal attention Elliptic Systems has given us. Their service is one of the best experiences. They are ‘On the Spot’ with fulfillment with the drive to compete the transactions as fast as possible with uncanny service.

Elliptic Systems and Eric have served me well for 8 years. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for the same long-time experiences I have shared.

Brad Davis Director of Global Enterprise Architecture and Governance
Flowserve Corporation

Proactive, Accommodating, and the Drive to Serve

Elliptic Systems has continued to display a proactive stance with continuous management and monitoring of our computer systems that keeps small problems from becoming big ones. They work around our schedule to minimize the amount of disruption to our business and workflow.

Elliptic Systems does in-depth research and give recommendations for new or replacement of equipment has always help up make informed decision on where to advance our IT. They continue to display an ongoing drive to serve us in the best ways through quarterly technology business reviews. They keep us up to date on the latest technology and services. This has proven to keep us on the leading edge with our technology. I recommend Elliptic Systems service. They are local, responsive and knowledgeable just to mention a few.

Thomas Hudson Associate Architect
Dykeman Inc.

Top Notch Service providing a “WOW” Experience, a Must Have

I would recommend Elliptic Systems without reservation. Their service is top notch, quick and effective. They are always willing to go the extra mile to get the solution. The follow up is impeccable. Even the most minute issue is always treated like a network down situation.

It is refreshing to deal with a company that understands what excellent customer service is. The staff provides us with this “WOW” experience through their outstanding, professional, caring, friendliness who are very well-educated, very responsive and have the no problem is ever too small attitude.

Elliptic Systems has demonstrated excellence in dealing with all our companies’ computer, network and VOIP solutions. They are a ‘Must Have’ in your black book of Vendors to call upon.

Darek Olson Project Manager
Steele Associates Architects, LLC.